The boy is back in town!!!

Hello everyone!!!
After getting married, travelling to Japan and getting overwhelmed by the tides of darkness, I’m back!!!
Some other people have taken my wiki project, but faithfully I will help them improving the support for cherokee.
So let it be, and may the Supreme Being, Ye ho waah , guide this blog to higher reaches

Cherokee 1.20 – A step into maturity

Cherokee 1.20 has arrived, and has brought a brand new feature with it :

Cherokee MarketPlace.

Maybe you could see it as just another *market* thing, I mean, following the recent trend in Open Source of having a place thightly integrated with your application/code to get some revenue selling code bits considered as “pro” features worth paying for.

But, as I understand the Octality move, I would like to point out a big difference in their offer :

it just saves time, a great deal of time.

Having a default web application configuration ( meaning database server and programming framework like php or python ) you can set up a site with a CMS o development framework  in a matter of seconds.

Also, the cherokee-admin app starts to grow and take the importance it should, culminating the 1.0 release push.

Whatever you are a developer, sysadmin in a hurry or just having fun learning something new, you should try this Cherokee release.

Have Fun !!!

Welcome To Haciendo El Cherokee

Hello everyone, I’m Daniel and I’m glad to present this blog as an effort to share my transition from Apache to Cherokee.

This first post will talk about me, my first contact with Cherokee  and how I ended up having a great time at Cherokee Summit.

Who am I ?

I’m Daniel Cabrera, I’m spanish and System Administrator at Innoforma Elearning Technologies, a young company from Granada, Spain.

Cherokee ?

I first met Cherokee at an Open Solaris Day in Granada, March 2008.

David Galán, who also spoke at Cherokee Summit, just didn’t have the time to talk about this web server and the end of the day, but he seeded the idea of using an apache alternative for certain purposes.

I followed the development of Cherokee, and tested it in non-production environments.

I was looking for an Apache substitute for a while, and when I read the Cherokee Summit announcement, taking place in Madrid, I decided to go there and get the information from the main source (Alvaro, Taher, Stefan, Pigmeg, Iván (¡México Lindo!),José Illescas,…).

Meeting the mighty makers was what I needed to get involved into the community.

As I’m not a great programmer (not even a mediocre one), I will try to share my knowledge and troubleshooting experience with everyone interested.

Ok, now this is started at last

Don’t hesitate to contact me to help you in everything I can.